We Sell Our Furniture

We Sell Our Furniture, founded in 2014, is a young label in the world of interior design.

We strive to offer well-designed, unique items in your own favorite style, using quality materials from wood to metal, at an affordable price. Over the years, We Sell Our Furniture built the experience to combine beauty and esthetics with user-friendliness. We feel at home in different areas such as home interior/exterior, offices, (coffee)bars, restaurants, shops, museums, practices, etc.

We specialize in stair cases, railings, countertops (home made terrazzo, choose your own colours!), wooden & steel doors (in combination with glass, or?), kitchens, bathrooms, livingroom furniture, bedroom & hallway designs, … And so much more! Just ask what comes up in your mind.

Our custom-made approach can make all your dreams come true. We won’t say no to crazy ideas! We adapt our designs untill it matches your taste and budget completely. Not only do we look to the situation of your family or business today, we also take into account how your family or business will evolve in the future to assure your pieces can grow with you.

Kobe Meeus (1989) is a product designer with a passion for interior and furniture design. He started We Sell Our Furniture by restoring and selling vintage furniture. Over the years he created his own style and way of working. Soon he dreamed about creating furniture himself and developped the brand to what it is now, and what it will be tomorrow.

Want to know more about our realisations, projects and the way we work ? Check our projects and feel free to contact us or request a quote. Looking for an internship in wood and metal work ? Take your chance !


Waversesteenweg  148 , 3360Bierbeek


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